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XOLAREN has a wide range of electrical low voltage products from CHINT, ABB and other leading brands and a Unique ENERGY SAVING  (by Harmonics Reduction) product (ELESOL) from Japan to support its clients. The products are in a brief

q Low Voltage Electrical Products

vDC Circuit Breaker, MCB, MCCB, ACB, VCB,

v ELCB, RCD, Automatic Change-Over Switch, Auto Transfer Switch, Contactors,

vFuse-Switch Disconnector, Switch Disconnector, Surge Arrestor,  Surge Protective Device (SPD),

v Overload Relay (Thermal, Current, Voltage)

v Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Soft-starter, etc.

v Industrial Induction Motors (IE2, IE3)

q Building Appliances

v Wall Switches, LED Lights

q Panel Meter

v Digital Wattmeter, Analog Panel Meter (Voltage, Current)

q Sub/Distribution Boards

vLT side panel/boards, Distribution or sub-distribution board, Control panels, etc.

q Thermal Scanner

v Thermography Scanner (SATIR)

q Solar & Energy Saving product

v Solar Panel (Poly and Monocrystalline (PERC/half cut))

v  Solar Inverter

v ELESOL (from Japan)

With extensive experience operating throughout Bangladesh and in various challenging environments, XOLAREN’s track record for reliable delivery is demonstrated by its significant portfolio of satisfied customers and clients.