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The whole world is too much concerned on the climate change issues and all the countries and corporations are trying their best to be climate change resilient. Renewable Energy, Resource Efficiency, & Energy Efficiency/Saving are the key areas where we all are working exclusively. XOLAREN has also participated the global fight against climate change. Our services are to support our clients to identify the energy loses and the opportunities to generate clean energy. We do support:

q Rooftop Solar project Design, Implementation� & Troubleshooting

q Hybrid Solar system design, Implementation

q Solar Irrigation projects

q Procurements, Construction, and Commissioning of solar projects

q Energy Storage Solution (ESS)

q Electric Vehicle Charging Station solution

q Energy Efficient Building Design (for LEED & EDGE)

q Energy Assessment (by CEAI, USA) & Reporting

o   Walk through Energy Assessment

o   Detailed Energy Audit | Elaborate Exercise

o   Periodical performance analysis machines (utility and process components)

o   Investment Grade Energy Audit

q Energy Saving

� ELESOL (by Harmonics Reduction)

ELESOL is a product from Japan that is used in electrical system to cut down the electricity bill