1. LOWER ELECTRICITY BILLS: electromagnetic flux correction (or harmonic reduction) is an effective way of reducing your utility bills. Depending on the size of your facility/factory, savings can vary from few thousands to tens of millions of taka per year.

2. AVOID UTILITY REACTIVE POWER FEES: the power factor will never be less than the expected level when harmonics are eliminated (as close as possible to 1). The power distribution business can thus avoid charging bad power quality.

3. REDUCE I2R LOSSES in transformers and electrical distribution equipment.

4. ACHIEVE HEAT REDUCTION in cables, switch-gears, transformers, alternators, circuit breakers, motors, different kind of process machines etc. which in turn prolongs the lifespan of this equipment.

5. REDUCE VOLTAGE DROP in cables, allowing the same cable to supply a larger motor or machine and improve the starting of a motor located at the end of long cable runs it also helps to avoid motor failure and damage to the equipment.

6. REDUCE CARBON EMISSIONS: by using ELESOL® carbon dioxide emissions, more than periodic quantities can be saved as power consumption will go down.

7. INCREASE LIFESPAN OF THE EQUIPMENT: due to reduced harmonics, the temperature decrease in voltage will considerably enhance the lifespan ad frequency of troubleshooting on devices. This will offer you an extra advantage in delaying further investment in capital.